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Massage Gun NZ

You might have seen athletes and gym instructors on social media using handheld massage devices before or after their workouts. Perhaps you've been researching ways to soothe tension and stress in your muscles after a long day on your feet. Or maybe you'd just like to save the time and money involved in travelling to a professional massage salon. If any of these statements describe your situation, Massage Gun NZ has the solution for you.

Massage guns can help you relieve muscular tension, boost physical and mental wellbeing and even improve your sporting performance. We stock muscle massagers from leading brands Booster and Phoenix. These powerful devices come with multiple head attachments, which means that you get a diverse range of intensities in a single, convenient package. They have everything you need to leave you feeling better than ever before. So if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our massage gun products, please contact our team at

What Is A Massage Gun?

A body massager is a handheld device that offers what's known as 'percussion' or 'vibration' therapy. These tools are very popular with athletes and fitness professionals and have been increasingly adopted by the mainstream market for relief.

How Do Massage Guns in NZ Work?

The massager rapidly oscillates its head back and forth, providing high-speed bursts of pressure into the muscle tissues. These devices compress incredible functionality and power in a single, easy-to-transport device. They offer an exceptional range of benefits for you, including:

Muscle Tension

A deep tissue massage gun can give you similar benefits to what you'd experience visiting a massage clinic, all from the comfort of your own home. They can help relieve tension accumulated in your muscles anywhere, anytime.

That means that you won't have to take the time to get dressed, drive or travel to a clinic, strip down, wait for the therapist. All you'll have to do with these handheld muscle machines is get settled and turn them on. You can get an incredible, thorough massage experience in as little as five minutes.

Plus, you'll save money, too. You won't have to pay for travel, parking, or the actual cost of attending a luxury spa when you have access to an excellent massage machine in the comfort of your New Zealand home.

Reduce Inflammation

Handheld massage guns deliver pulses and vibrations deep into muscle tissue. That means they can offer profound relief from tension and stress. By increasing blood flow to a specific muscle area, including deep within the muscle, they can break up the knots that seem to linger after a hard workout. As a result, they can reduce inflammation during the recovery process and relieve pain.

Sporting Performance

A deep tissue muscle massage machine can even make you more agile and powerful. By easing the tightness in your muscles, a massage gun can make them more flexible and efficient and improve their range of motion. With multiple head attachments, it's easy to customise your massage according to your body's needs. Whether you're after light relief at the end of a long day at the office or want an intense session to prepare for an athletic event, you'll get everything you need with these exceptional tools.

Speed Up Athletic Recovery

Percussive therapy is known to help muscles recover faster and reduce the buildup of lactic acid inside the muscles. Because excess levels of lactic acid cause muscle pain, a massage gun can help prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - the tension and discomfort that can follow a hard workout.

Boost Sporting Power

In addition to improving sporting power, you can also use a deep tissue muscle massage to warm up ahead of an intense workout. Relaxing the muscles makes them ready for action, which could potentially improve your performance.

Pin-Point Focus With A Massage Gun

Unlike broader myofascial massaging tools such as foam rollers, massage guns can be hyper-specific in their applications. They're a more streamlined solution for targeting specific muscles or areas of soreness and are a great alternative if you find foam rollers uncomfortable or too manual a process.

Buy A Massage Machine in NZ Today

Are you interested in learning how our Booster and Phoenix Massage Guns can leave you feeling better, naturally, without any of the side effects that medicine could cause? Just click on the products here on our website to learn more or contact our friendly team at if you have any questions.

Boost your performance in the gym or on the field, feel better after a long day at work, or add true indulgence to your Sunday afternoon. Our massage machines in NZ offer exceptional relief of stress and tension for both body and mind.

Talk To Your Doctor Before Using Massage Guns NZ

Before embarking on a new massage programme, make sure you speak to your doctor about whether using a deep tissue massage machine would be appropriate for you.