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Back Massage

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Are you searching for an effective massage solution to attend to your daily muscle soreness? Massage Gun NZ sources a range of high-quality products, where we will pair you with a back massager NZ which provides long-lasting, powerful massaging for tired muscles.

We cater for all of New Zealand, aiding pain relief with our equipment range for the self-lead personal care of our clients. Our products are simple to use and applied effectively for whole-body massage with a single-price purchase rather than expensive masseuse or physio appointments.

Purchasing one of our premium quality percussive massage guns allows you to alleviate muscle tension after a long day while in the comfort of your own home, providing for back pain body massage, shoulder massage, leg massage, and more. If you have been looking for a back massager, you will find the perfect product from our range, which will provide all-body benefits for future injuries or soreness.

Neck and Shoulder Massager New Zealand

For stiffness, tension, and muscle aches, a neck and shoulder massager from our selection of products offers many functions and intensity settings to relax your body. For example, soothing back pain is a need for many New Zealanders, with our devices giving percussive pressure to soft tissue, which eases your muscle tension after strenuous exercise or a long day.

Choosing a neck massager from our stock at Massage Gun NZ presents you with a reliable product that will work along the contours of your body to deliver pain relief. With a choice of a dependable brand from our range, such as Booster or Phoenix, the massagers we supply are safe and equipped with modern technology to most effectively provide massage to our customers.

Free Shipping New Zealand Wide

We aim to keep the cost low and get items in your hands quickly through our free shipping service for New Zealand customers. Dispatching our products promptly to deliver within three to seven days consistently, we get an electric massager in your hands as soon as possible.

There is no need to bother searching for your nearest store to try massage products in person, as our attentive team is knowledgeable and eager to assist you with any queries regarding our products. In addition, we help you pay less with free New Zealand-wide shipping and deliver excellent service to make certain that every customer is happy.

Our Friendly Team

Our team is knowledgeable about our products and offers attentive responses to every query or problem. In addition, we are happy to work with you to provide sound advice before your purchase, to ensure every client gets the most out of our products.

We chat with each customer to deliver practical advice for the use of our products and explain each feature. We ensure the massaging aligns with your goals and body soreness, helping you refine your search to find the most functional product for your needs.

Effective Diverse Product Uses

The most important feature of the massage gun range is its diverse range of uses, where they can accommodate the needs of multiple muscle soreness areas to deliver full-body benefits at affordable prices. So, whether you require a daily leg massager or have sore feet after long training sessions, forget using heat pads and foot spas, or paying for a shiatsu massage, as our massage systems will account for the tension throughout your body.

Handheld Pain Relief

Our massage guns are lightweight and compact, enabling precise handheld massaging with reduced noise than previous electric massage models. Their large lithium batteries ensure they can massage your legs for many daily sessions without requiring a charge. Additionally, by having a user-friendly design and an effort to offer portability, you can take our products on the go, saving time by providing all-body benefits when travelling or during periods of discomfort.

Health Benefits

We are committed to pairing our clients with equipment for greater daily wellness, ensuring the physical and mental health benefits of massage are offered with convenience and affordability for all of New Zealand. In addition to improved circulation, reduction of headaches, pain relief, and enhanced digestion, the mental health benefits of massage are exhibited through stress reduction, improving sleep, and more.

Get in Touch With Us

Please make contact with us if you're looking for an effective back massager or electric massage machine in New Zealand. We are happy to partner with you to give honest advice and find the most affordable solution for your massaging needs.

For sales enquiries, email, or for additional support, please email us at You can create an account and password for future shopping with Massage Gun NZ and receive future sales offers. So please sign in and message our team today!