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Leg Massager New Zealand

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There aren’t many things that beat a leg massage after a long day on the move. Leg massage therapy can relieve sore muscles. An electric leg massager also stimulates your nervous system and can enhance your circulation. However, manual leg massage therapy might not be easy to get or as effective. We offer several massage guns - Booster and Phoenix - that come with different heads designed for leg massage therapy. The leg muscle massager is like your personal masseuse at your home, 24/7.

We stock the best leg massager machines in New Zealand with various features and functions. Our leg massager devices are easy to operate, lightweight and take up very little space, making them ideal for travel and suitable for people of all ages. Browse our range of electric leg massager devices and enjoy stress relief within minutes!

Electric Muscle Massage Therapy

While a leg massage therapy is commonly looked at as a means to de-stress and refresh one’s body and mind, there are many other physical and medical benefits that an electric leg massager has. Here are a few undeniable health benefits of using an electric leg massager.

Muscle pain

Using a leg massager machine can help loosen up your aching muscles. An electric leg massager applies strategic pressure on tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, thus getting rid of the pain.


It is a known fact that leg massage therapy helps relieve stress by releasing endorphins. People who suffer from anxiety and depression can benefit from leg massage therapy since it calms you down and elevates your mood.

Nervous system

A leg massage therapy is great for your nerves and helps relieve any numbness, weakness or pain present. A leg muscle massager can stimulate your nerves and regulate the functioning of your nervous system to a great extent.


Leg massage therapy raises the serotonin levels (chemicals which are then converted into melatonin, a sleep hormone). This process enables you to sleep better and peacefully.

Who should use a leg massager?

While there is no restriction in terms of who can enjoy a leg massage therapy with a leg muscle massager, it is considered beneficial for the following types of people:

  • Individuals with back pain or other muscle pain
  • Builders and construction workers who work in heavy labour
  • Athletes and sportspersons
  • Working professionals or people who do any kind of strenuous physical activities
  • People with sleeping disorders or anxiety

However, you should avoid using a leg muscle massager if you have or are highly likely to have blood clots and bruises in your leg, swollen legs, osteoporosis, open sores, pregnancy, diabetes, or autoimmune disease.

We highly recommend that you seek advice from your doctors before deciding to buy a leg massager from our website.