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Electric Muscle Massager

How often do you return home so tired that you wish someone would massage your feet or shoulders? With an electric muscle massager, you don't need to ask for that favour from your partner, family or flatmate. An electric muscle massager is the most efficient and valued electronic muscle massage device on the market. The electric massager incorporates unique mechanisms that slowly press and roll over your skin.

Most people carry a great deal of tension in the neck, leg or arm areas of the body, and they frequently experience unbearable pain. A specialized electric massager will release all that negative tension, helping the user to relax. Check out the electric massager from Booster and Phoenix on our website.

Massage Machine & Devices New Zealand

In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to take out time for an appointment at a spa every week. Here’s where your massage device comes to rescue. The benefit of your own massage machine is that you can use it even while you’re watching TV at home. Here are some key benefits of using a massage device that isn’t just to do with relaxation.

Reduce pain and aches naturally

A percussive handheld massage machine helps to fight aches and pain naturally. You do not need to worry about the side effects of painkillers, and instead can apply the massage device anywhere on your arm, leg or back to relieve the sore muscles.

Provides relief for hard-to-reach areas

An electric muscle massager can give great relief to areas in your back and sides of the neck that are hard-to-reach. No need to go to a professional therapist or ask help from others to give you a massage.

Reduces stress

Massage devices provide great relief from stress and can increase your productivity at work in NZ. We carry anxiety and stress symptoms in our shoulder and neck, and an electric massager can increase serotonin and dopamine levels so that you feel happy and relaxed after the massage.

Easy Portability

You take a percussive massage machine anywhere you go in NZ or overseas. Use electric massager while watching television or lying in bed. The electric muscle massager can also be carried to a workplace for getting instant relief from pain.

Loosen stiff muscles

The primary cause for stiffness in your arm muscles is the buildup of lactic acid. Pick a quality electric arm massager from our Booster or Phoenix massage guns to get rid of the toxin and improve blood circulation to the area.

Don't waste time and money on expensive massage therapists. You can get a quality, portable electric muscle massager that you can use to relieve muscle tensions and soreness whenever you want. Check out the massage devices we stock on our NZ online store!

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