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Electric Massager

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Are you wondering whether an electric massager is the right choice for your needs? Partnering with our team at Massage Gun NZ will provide you with knowledge, reliable advice, and prompt service to let you make an informed massage gun purchase. We house a range of products applicable for all body soreness, relieving a significant amount of tension at your convenience without incurring the costs of massage consultations.

Electric Massage Gun

Our massage devices are delivered at affordable prices, with free shipping keeping costs low for the purchase as a whole. After buying a high-quality massage tool from Massage Gun NZ, you will be impressed by the exemplary percussive service and features each massager offers.

We believe that massage can benefit athletes hoping to speed up recovery and workers dealing with sore muscles and feet trying to relax after a long work day. Combining modern characteristics to offer greater ease of use, such as fast charging cords and travel cases, with testified percussive massage tools, we pair you with effective percussion massage gun technology to alleviate stress and pains.

Electric Arm Massage Device

Our electric arm massage device helps you alleviate the pain of sore muscles for your arms after a hard workout or regularly to de-stress in the evening. Additionally, our products are not limited to one area of the body, with our equipment range allowing for improved circulation and reduced muscle tension for many muscle groups.

Should you have sore feet, back muscles, neck, arms, and more, an electric muscle massager from our range will easily adjust to your needs with their many choices of massage heads. We understand the uses of our products, with the handheld massager being more versatile than a massage pillow. Seeking a massage pillow will provide less flexibility and settings than our handheld massagers, which are applicable for many areas of the body. Should your upper back have tense muscles between your shoulder blades, we provide the most effective massage heads for your personal care.

Multitude of Uses

The multitude of uses for our products effectively replaces the functions of a massage therapist, delivering deep tissue massage, which helps you relax muscles and muscle pain throughout the body. Our electric massager options are handheld massager choices. They act as a foot massager, neck massager, back massager and more, delivering gentle vibration at its lowest setting to deep pressure intensity as required.

Flexible, soothing massaging from an electric massager we've sourced is an excellent option for any regular stiffness. In addition, our items can be used with massage oil, alleviating muscle fatigue and stimulating blood circulation for our customers, where we have received positive messages from clients regarding our electric massagers.

Effective Product Range

Our products use mechanisms that are protected from overheating, with effective lithium batteries to massage your sore muscles for extended periods on the go without requiring charging every day. In addition, by including speed shift flexibility, you can use an electric massager to deliver percussive massage to the extent you need at the time.

Handheld massagers work for muscle tension and blood flow. So whether you are looking for an electric arm massager, electric back massager, foot massager or have other regular issues, our products will meet your needs. Additionally, our products allowing for better sleep, more motivation to be active, and releasing muscle tension, will perform wonders for your everyday comfort.

Excellent Service

Servicing the tense muscles of our clients for years, our team has established lasting relationships throughout Auckland. We are committed to maintaining a complete knowledge of our product range, delivering trusted advice for customers considering a leg massager purchase, or using handheld electric massagers for other sore areas.

If you are having issues with one of our electric massager products, contact us, and we will be happy to arrange simple returns or offer tips on how to use the equipment effectively.

Free Shipping

Applying a no-nonsense free shipping policy, the affordable prices visible on our site define the exact price it will cost to get an item in your hands. Additionally, we ensure a three to seven-day shipping time by enacting swift dispatch.

Portable Use

While our electric massagers are composed of excellent quality equipment and the latest technology, their portability is an essential element of the products. Supplied with a travel case and a user-friendly design, each item can be easily adapted for your needs and taken on the go.

By understanding reflexology, we recognise the benefits of foot massaging extends beyond alleviating foot soreness, affecting you positively throughout the body.

Get in Touch if You Have a Question

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our electric massagers. We will give you helpful advice on choosing the best affordable product.

So, for sales enquiries, please email, or for additional support, you can email us at If you want to receive sales updates, you can create an account with our online site. Partner with us today to make a plan for your self-lead massaging!