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Electric Massager

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Electric Massage Gun

How often do you return home so tired that you just wish you had someone there to help massage your feet or shoulders and melt that tension away? With our range of electric massager gadgets, you'll no longer need to hope that your partner, family member or flatmate will be willing to act as your at-home masseuse.

These powerful little electronic muscle massage devices are some of the most efficient on the market. They use unique mechanisms that slowly press and roll over your skin to soothe your muscles and release the day's accumulated stresses.

Most people carry around a great deal of tension in their necks, backs, legs or arms. This tension in the muscles can frequently cause severe, if not entirely unbearable, pain. With a specialised electronic massager, you'll be able to release that build-up of negative tension and experience greater relaxation.

Are you ready to discover how our Booster or Phoenix electric muscle massagers can soothe your tired body and spirit? Just read on to learn more about them or get in touch with us at with any questions.

Why Use An Electronic Massager?

In this hectic, fast-paced modern life, it can be challenging to carve out time for yourself. And taking time out to book an appointment at a spa or a massage parlour can demand lots of time and money. If you feel like it's simply impossible for you to fit a much-needed massage into your hectic schedule, it's time to consider an electric massager.

These powerful, portable devices can be used whenever and wherever you'd like. Whether you're sitting in front of the television in your living room, curled up in bed with a pile of books, or even at the office, you can experience the great benefits of a relaxing massage therapy session.

Here are some of the incredible ways an electric massager can make your body feel like you've had a day at the spa:

Reduce pain and aches naturally

A percussive, handheld massage device can help you naturally relieve aches and pains. You won't need to worry about potential side effects from taking painkillers. Instead, simply apply your massage device anywhere on your arms, legs, or back and feel the tension leave your sore muscles.

Provides relief for hard-to-reach areas

While you might be able to give yourself a foot massage, reaching around to your back or neck might be extremely difficult to do on your own.

An electric muscle massager, however, can help. These devices can help you reach your back and the back and sides of your neck - areas that might otherwise be out of reach for you.

This additional range means that you won't have to ask for help from others or spend money to see a professional therapist anytime you need tension relief in hard-to-reach parts of your body.

Reduces stress

Massage devices can provide you with exceptional relief from stress. This healing function happens because many of us carry the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress as tension in our necks and shoulders.

By relieving the tension within your muscles, an electronic massager can help soothe your stress, boost your serotonin and dopamine levels, and offer a range of benefits. These span everything from increased productivity to feelings of happiness and calm.

Easy Portability

You can take your percussive massage machine anywhere you go in New Zealand. Use it on holiday, while watching television, or even while you're lying on the beach. You could also take it to your workplace to get instant relief from tension and pain, for instance, if your job requires you to be on your feet all day.

This portability also means that you will no longer be limited to having to travel to a professional spa or massage parlour anytime you need relief from tension and pain.

Loosen stiff muscles

The primary cause of stiffness in the arm muscles is the build-up of lactic acid. With a quality Booster or Phoenix electric massager, you'll be able to get rid of these accumulated toxins, improving blood circulation to the area and relieving your stiffness.

You don't have to waste time and money travelling to expensive massage therapists every time you need soreness and tension treated. Our online store in NZ means that you can get a high-quality, portable, easy-to-use electric muscle massager to relieve discomfort anytime and any place you please.

Just check out what we have available on our store or get in touch with us at for more information.

Our Booster and Phoenix Electric Massagers

We stock a comprehensive range of both Booster and Phoenix brand electric massage guns. These powerful, percussive electronic massage devices are sure to guarantee you exceptional relief of all your tight, hard-to-reach areas of sore muscle.

Booster Massage Guns

The Booster percussive massage gun comes with multiple different massage heads and speeds. That means that you'll receive an incredible amount of variety in a single, helpful device.

These powerful massagers come with extensive battery life - up to 7 hours stand-by! They also feature overheat protection, which means that you won't have to worry about them becoming too hot to use.

They'll help you reduce your muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation, and work as long as you need them. With a powerful motor and multiple speed shifts, they can take care of a vast range of massage needs. Whether you are looking for light tension relief or a thorough session after intense sports training or a long hike, you'll get what you need with our electric massagers.

That's why they're excellent for recovery after sports, when you're injured, or if you need pain relief after surgery. They can also help reduce inflammation, which can boost the healing process.

Booster massage guns can help relax the pain built up within your muscles, relieving soreness and helping you relax your muscles after training is done.

They come with additional accessories, including multiple soft massage head attachments, meaning that you get a user-friendly design that offers you a comfortable experience from the comfort of your home or office.

Our massage guns are also equipped with the newest generation of noise reduction technology. This means that they offer a quieter, more relaxing experience than older models of massage guns. It's total relaxation for both the body and mind.

Phoenix Massage Guns

These percussive massage guns offer incredible vibrating therapy to help soothe your muscles and offer you relief from tension and associated stress.

They come with six different massage heads designed to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness and boost blood circulation with maximum efficiency.

Like the Booster massage guns, their speed variations give you an extensive range of options so you can create a custom massage treatment designed to your unique and complete satisfaction. That means that they're excellent whether you're a hardcore athlete, are recovering from injury, or are looking to ease post-surgical pain.

They even feature noise-reducing technology that will make your massage treatment more peaceful. With a free carry case, it's truly the complete package you need for physical and emotional relaxation.

You can use our Phoenix massage guns to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and promote blood and lymph circulation. This is how they can help accelerate post-workout recovery for athletes and people recovering from sports injuries.

They are excellent for both personal physical therapy, relaxation and self-care, or if you want to improve the overall health of your soft tissues. These electric massagers can prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the muscles and fascia, helping reduce the risk of future injuries.

With multiple different massage heads, they make it easy to relax various body parts at different intensities. They even come with an ergonomic silicone grip to minimise external vibrations and make them comfortable to hold. They're truly one of the most comprehensive solutions for a relaxing, at-home massage experience.

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun performs 'percussive' or 'vibration' therapy. This therapy involves the head of the massage gun oscillating back and forth and sending rapid bursts of pressure into the body's muscle tissues.

You can think of these guns as a small hammer that repeatedly hits your muscles. This gentle pressure offers a range of benefits to your muscle fibres.

Percussive therapy can reduce inflammation and muscle tension by increasing blood flow to a specific area of muscle. It can also help break out tense post-workout knots in the muscle or warm up the body ahead of a workout.

Massage Gun Benefits For Men and Women

Massage guns allow you to get the same benefits as a trained masseur or masseuse in the comfort of your living room - and at no additional cost.

Unlike myofascial massage tools such as foam rollers, you can use massage guns to hyper-target a specific problem area or areas. Plus, they're a streamlined, automatic, easy-to-use solution compared to the more manual, uncomfortable process of using a foam roller.

Electric massagers can work over a large muscle group in a few minutes, loosening tissue, increasing blood flow and temporarily easing pain and soreness. That's far greater speed and efficiency than you'd get if you tried to massage yourself or asked a friend to help.

By increasing blood flow, massage guns can move nutrients into your muscles while removing blood pooled there. The pooling of blood in the muscles can be expected after long periods of inactivity.

These traits mean that if you use a massager directly after a workout, it can help remove the waste products associated with exercise, which can cause stiffness and soreness in muscles. That means you'll get similar benefits to foam rolling, yoga, and life exercise.

Early research has suggested that using a massage gun can be as valuable as preventing soreness as a traditional massage when performed before exercise.

As you can see, massage guns are an essential tool for any hard-working athlete, a person who is frequently on their feet, or anyone who just wants to relieve themselves of tension and stress with great effectiveness and at a low cost.

If you're looking to buy a massage gun, just check out our online store, or contact us at