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10 Surprising Benefits of a Massage Gun

Posted by Layne Sparks on

We’ve all had hard, stressful days that end with us just wanting to experience a lovely massage. However, going and visiting a massage parlour and setting up an appointment is timely and stressful. But, if you purchase a massage gun, you can relax and give yourself a pleasant massage from the comfort of your own home.

What Is A Handheld Massager?

Electric massage devices are convenient devices that use rhythmic pulses and vibrations to relax your body and soothe your muscles. These tools can be used for percussive therapy, which is a form of massage therapy that focuses on using vibrations to help and heal.

These electric massagers are easy to handle and provide many soothing benefits. With the help of one of these devices, you can treat your body and mind at home whenever you need to. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Massager?

Massage gun usage comes with heaps of wonderful benefits that can improve your quality of life, such as:

  1. You Will Be More Relaxed. The biggest reason people get massagers is that they have an incredibly relaxing quality. While massages have many other benefits as well, their remarkable ability to relax your body and mind is very beneficial. Stress can have terrible effects on you, so finding ways to relax and destress is crucial to living a happy life. 
  1. They Help With Muscle Tension. By using electric massagers on your tense muscles, you will be able to relax them and lessen the uncomfortable tension. This can help boost muscle recovery and aid your body to bounce back after a hard workout.
  1. They Can Improve Your Ability To Focus. Massage guns stimulate your body and enhance your physical ability, allowing your mind to work harder and be more efficient. So, they can help you focus and concentrate better. 
  1. Massages Can Break Up Scar Tissue. Because massage devices help you give your body a deep tissue massage, the incredible percussive benefits can reach and break up scar tissue. This can alleviate pain and reduce muscle restriction.
  1. They Can Enhance Your Range Of Mobility. By relieving muscle tension, improving elasticity and breaking up scar tissue, electric massagers can help you improve your flexibility and range of mobility. After you use your massager and train your body, you can find yourself being able to move better.
  2. Improved Circulation. If you use your massage gun on your muscles, you can stimulate your blood vessels and improve your circulation. Blood flow is incredibly important when you exercise, so this can improve your athletic performance and help oxygen move around your body more easily.
  1. They Reduce Muscle Soreness. After an intense workout, it’s common to feel terribly sore the next day. You can use an electric massager to prime and cool down your muscles to reduce this unpleasant feeling. To do this, simply apply your massager to the muscles you will be using before your session and again once you are done. 
  1. They Can Stimulate Your Nervous System. When you stimulate your body with a massage gun, you are also activating your nervous system. Your nerves are vital to your body’s function, so keeping your nervous system primed is crucial. 
  1. You Will Be Able To Sleep Easier. If you have trouble sleeping at night, using an electric massager could help you. By easing your mind, reducing your stress and relaxing your muscles, you can become calmer and thus be able to sleep easier. Getting a proper amount of sleep is incredibly vital to good health, so this can help your overall quality of life as well. 
  1. Massage Sessions Improve Your Mental Health. When you compile all of these tremendous benefits, you can see how regular electric massage sessions can significantly improve your mental health. By reducing your stress, helping you sleep more, lessening your muscle pain and more, you can be happier and healthier as you live your everyday life.

Because using your massage gun is so convenient and easy, you also eliminate the stress of having to make an appointment with a professional massage parlour; instead, you can enjoy all of these incredible perks from your own home, whenever you’d like. 

Where Can I Get A Fantastic Electric Massager For Myself?

Do you want to purchase your own electric massager and enjoy all of these excellent benefits? Here at Massage Gun, we provide New Zealanders with a vast selection of high-quality handheld electric massagers.

Our massagers are effective, easy to use and very relaxing. Additionally, many of our products are also cordless, so you can conveniently massage yourself without the hassle of wrestling with a power cable. 

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