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12 Massage Gun Benefits, A Few Drawbacks and Things to Keep in Mind

Posted by Layne Sparks on

12 Massage Gun Benefits, A Few Drawbacks and Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re interested in treating your body right and massaging your muscles to keep them in great shape, then you’ve probably heard of massage guns before. You’ve most likely heard that they’re very relaxing and fantastically soothing, but did you know that they also have heaps of other benefits?

Yes, electric massagers can improve your life and body in many ways. You can enjoy many wholesome benefits when you use them, and you can feel relaxed and amazing at the same time - all without having to leave your home. 

So, what kinds of benefits should you know about as you use your wonderful electric massager?

What Are Some Of The Best Electric Massager Benefits?

You can probably think of a few perks of using a massage gun off the top of your head, but chances are there are quite a few other benefits that you don’t know about yet. Understanding these awesome advantages can make your massage time even more fulfilling and soothing. 

So, some of the best perks that massagers can offer you are:

  1. Reduced Muscle Soreness. One of the main reasons that most people get electric massagers is to help with muscle soreness. Working out and feeling the burn feels amazing, but the resulting sore muscles do not. If you treat your muscles to a quick and pleasant electric massager session before and after you exercise, you may experience reduced soreness. 
  1. Stress Relief. If there’s one thing that everyone knows about massages, it’s this - they’re relaxing! A lovely massage can help you forget your troubles and remember that everything is going to be okay. And, with a massage gun, you can enjoy this wonderful benefit from home. 
  1. Better Sleep. Being relaxed and less tense can significantly improve your quality of sleep, which will, in turn, improve your general health. Try these relaxing massages if you’re having trouble getting a good night’s rest. 
  1. Boosted Immune System. A massage can improve your circulation and body’s fluid movement, which can encourage your white blood cells to move around and thus enhance your immune system.
  1. Improved Circulation. The rhythmic movements of percussive therapy and massages can stimulate your muscles and encourage your blood to circulate throughout your body better. More circulation can get more oxygen around your body and overall improve your health. 
  1. Improved Athletic Performance. Because massage guns can improve relaxation and reduce painful muscle tension, they can help you train and perform better at sports or other athletic activities. 
  1. Increased Focus. Being relaxed can also help you focus on the important things. Instead of worrying about your tense muscles or little things that are stressing you out, you can put those aside and focus on your performance. 
  1. Quicker Recovery. Using a massager to increase circulation and activate nerves can help your body recover quicker from injuries. Furthermore, priming your muscles can even prevent injuries in the future. 
  1. Pain Relief. If you want help dealing with pain but don’t want to rely on chemical painkillers, then you’ll be happy to know that soothing massages can help you naturally deal with bodily pain. 
  1. Improved Mobility. Using a high-quality massage gun on your muscles regularly can activate them and help you move better. 
  1. Stimulates Your Nervous System. A massager can activate your nervous system, which stimulates your skin and muscles and releases tension in your body. 
  1. Increased Flexibility. By using a massager to prime your muscles, improve your circulation and increase waste removal in your body before you workout, you may see better results. This can then lead to improved flexibility, as well as better performance. 

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Electric Massagers?

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of using a massage gun is that, unless you are already a trained masseuse, you probably don’t know the best ways to activate your body and stimulate your muscles. Although, you should also keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every benefit listed above.

By safely and correctly using your massager, you can still enjoy all the wonderful effects of a high-end electric massager. However, before you start to use your own, you may want to look up the best and safest ways to use it.

Where Can I Get An Excellent Electric Massager For Myself?

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We understand that purchasing and using a new device that you’ve never used before can be confusing or even anxiety-inducing, so we invite you to come speak to us if you have any more questions. To get in touch, you can visit our contact page or call at

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