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5 Benefits of a Massage Gun: Why Athletes Will Love This Tool!

Posted by Layne Sparks on

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Taking good care of your body and muscles is essential if you enjoy working out and exercising. If you really want to stay as healthful and fit as you can be, there are a few things you can do. By regularly being active, staying safe, eating healthy and using helpful tools like massage guns, you can prime your body and boost your health.

We all know that massages themselves are very beneficial for your physical and mental health, whether you are an athlete or not.But, what about handheld electric massagers that you can use on yourself? These wonderful devices have much more benefits than most people realise; not only do they feel soothing and pleasant, they can also improve your muscles with regular use.

So, what are the top benefits of massagers that you should know about?

What Are Handheld Electric Massagers?

As their name implies, handheld electric massagers are convenient devices that allow you to give yourself a soothing massage from the pleasant comfort of your own home. Commonly called ‘massage guns,’ these tools are easy and fun to use when you use them correctly.

For athletes, it is recommended to use them before and after your workouts to warm up and cool down your muscles. Doing this will help your muscles get ready before an intense activity and then recover once you are finished.

With these relaxing warm up and cool down massages, you will most likely experience more minor muscle soreness and better athletic performance.

In addition, a lot of high-end electric massagers come with a variety of useful massage attachments that you can use on your own device. These attachments serve different purposes and are ideal for different parts of your body. For example, the A1 Percussive Massage Gun comes with an impressive total of six massage heads.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Massage Devices?

Massage devices can offer you heaps of outstanding perks when you use them, more than just feeling good. A few of the benefits that you can expect when using a massage device yourself are:

Improved Circulation. The rhythmic movements of a massager can activate your blood vessels, encouraging better blood flow, lymph flow and improving your circulation overall. Blood moves oxygen around your body, and lymph removes toxins and waste products. Therefore, when you have good circulation, your general health will thrive.

Boosted Recovery. After a long and intense workout, it’s not uncommon to have sore muscles. While there’s no way to entirely eliminate tiredness after being active, a good massage gun can quicken your body’s recovery and help you get back on your feet faster than usual.

Relieved Muscle Tension. If you have stressed and tense muscles, even if you aren’t frequently active, regular massages can activate and stimulate your muscles - this can loosen your muscles and release uncomfortable tension. Stiff and tense muscles can make it harder to be active, so dealing with them properly is a must.

A1 Percussive Massage Gun (Black)

Improved Mobility. If you want to do your best when being active, having a good range of motion is essential, and because massage devices help stimulate and activate your body, your mobility can improve. With regular and proper use, a massage gun can result in your muscles and joints being more flexible, which will help you move more comfortably.

Less Stress. In general, massages are incredibly calming and can help reduce your stress levels. When you’re less stressed, you will have a more positive outlook and will be more energetic - and, when you are more positive overall, you will perform better.

Although, this perk isn’t just good for athletes, it’s wonderful for anyone who wishes to be more relaxed and level-headed. Overwhelming stress can be detrimental to anyone in any situation, and we all deserve a nice massage every now and again. So, even if you only workout casually or don’t exercise much at all, you can still greatly benefit from an excellent massage device.

Where You Can Find Excellent Muscle Massagers For Yourself

Here at Massage Gun, we are thrilled to provide New Zealanders with incredible high-quality electric massage devices that can offer you all of the above-listed benefits and more. Our store has a fine selection of high-end handheld massagers that are fun to use and very helpful. If you want to get an excellent electric massage device for yourself, you will surely find the perfect model in our store.

All of our handheld massagers are conveniently cordless for easy use, so you won’t need to worry about dealing with a fussy cord while you try to enjoy yourself. In addition, our wonderful models also come with additional massage heads, so you can easily test out the different attachments to find which one you like best.

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