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Are Massage Guns Good For Lymphatic Drainage?

Posted by Peter L on

Maintaining the health and vitality of your body begins with a healthy diet, adequate exercise and effective detoxification. When one or more of these elements are lacking in your life, our bodies begin to actively build and store stress within our muscles, leading to ailments such as stiff joints, impaired flexibility and overall reduced strength. 

While there is an abundance of methods out there promoting healing and restorative solutions for our tired muscles, the act of massage remains the oldest and most trusted exercise for releasing tension and activating the circulation within the body.

Are Massage Guns Good For Lymphatic Drainage?

Through the combination of technology, reflexology and pressure massage, you can effectively target and stimulate the natural detoxification and drainage of your body with a massage device. Understanding the role your lymphatic system plays in the elimination of harmful toxins and muscle-related tensions will enable you to understand how a massage device can improve the quality of your life. Through rhythmic pressure point stimulation, a massage device will relieve your body of tension, stimulate your lymph glands and improve your circulation.


The Benefits Of Massage

We all know massage can help you to relax, but what some of us don't know is the wide range of stimulating benefits it can have on other aspects of your life. Here are 5 surprising benefits of massage therapy:

1. Activates your muscles before exercise - reducing the risk of injury. 
2. Releasing tension post-exercise - minimising cramps and pain.
3. Actively stimulates your circulation.
4. Promotes nerve activity in the body by stimulating your receptors. 
5. Reduces fluid retention.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymph glands are a natural filtration system within the body, located between the skin and muscle tissue, they are responsible for producing immune cells that fight infection and destroy germs. Knowing what these glands do is the key to gaining a deeper understanding of how the detoxification of your body works, so you can be better equipped for restoring and maintaining your health. 

What Is Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a specific type of massage that is focused primarily on the detoxification of the lymph glands. Through targeted stimulation and pressure pointed rhythms, lymphatic drainage will promote the natural cleansing system of the body, effectively ridding your tissues of waste and toxins. Stimulating your lymphatic system through massage devices and correct massage techniques not only speeds up your recovery process but also trains your body to perform at a higher level. 


The Benefits Of Massage Gun Therapy

Now we have a broader picture of the benefits of massage, and the role the lymphatic system has in our overall well being, let's explore the benefits of a massage gun device, and how they offer you a superior muscle recovery and rehabilitation solution: 

1. Massage Gun Devices Actively Reduce Muscle Tension

Through their innovative design, massage devices are built specifically to release tension through their controllable pulsing and movement. Regardless of your age, muscle density or level of fitness, a massage device can ease you in and out of exercise, avoiding the risk of injury and discomfort.

2. Massage Guns Save You Time And Money

To experience the full benefits of lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation, most athletes attend weekly massage appointments. Massage guns, however, offer you the same support and treatment, but with the convenience of getting the relief at home, or the gym - say goodbye to rolling around on the floor and using foam rollers to stretch out your muscles. 

3. Massage Guns Increase Lymphatic Circulation

Through active stimulation, your muscles can detoxify, release lactic acid build-up and grow without causing you pain or strain. Massage gun devices are the best way for you to warm your muscles up before exercise, and to soften afterwards, throughout this process you are promoting healthier tissues and increased functionality through your entire system.

4. Massage Guns Promote More Oxygen In Your Blood And Tissues

We all know how good exercise is for getting your blood pumping and increasing the oxygen levels to your brain, increasing the same flow to your muscles is equally important. With increased blood flow you are speeding up your recovery time while increasing your muscle mass and protecting yourself from exercise-induced injury.

5. Massage Guns Enhance Your Mobility

Being flexible and mobile begins with healthy nerve receptors, which is where massage guns can offer you superior support. Through rapid pulsing and stimulation, your muscles, the connecting tissue and their blood supply are all improved. With the ability to break up scar tissues for a quicker recovery, massage guns are the key to maintaining the strength of your body.

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