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Can Massage Guns be Harmful? How To Use A Massage Gun For Muscle Recovery

Posted by Layne Sparks on

Can Massage Guns be Harmful? How To Use A Massage Gun For Muscle Recovery


After a long day of hard work and dealing with significant life matters, there's nothing quite like the feeling of a pleasant massage - and, with the help of a massage gun, you can give yourself wonderful massages whenever you want, right from the comfort of your own home. 

But, when you head out to see a professional masseuse, you have the bonus of knowing that your masseuse is trained and qualified. So, if you do not have the proper training and give yourself a massage, you might worry about if you are doing it correctly. After all, because you are using an electronic device, the massager's power may be concerning.

So, how do you correctly use a handheld massager?

What Are Electric Massagers?

Massage guns are handy electronic devices that use rhythmic pulses to soothe and stimulate your muscles. These wonderful tools use vibration therapy to gently massage your muscles and can help you soothe tense muscles and treat your body.

These excellent massagers don't just feel good; they also offer heaps of fantastic benefits to those who use them correctly. Along with being soothing, they can also boost your circulation, encourage your muscles to heal faster and more. So, whether you are an active athlete who wants to prime your muscles or if you're someone who simply loves to find new ways to relax, a pleasant electric massage can help you keep your body comfortable.

Massage guns are perfect for use before your workouts, after your activities or simply after a long day. For best results, while exercising, we recommend that you warm up your body with your massager before your workout and then use it again once you are done to help your muscles recover and relax.

How Do I Safely And Correctly Use A Handheld Massager?

Although these helpful devices can soothe our bodies and calm our minds, just like most appliances, if you misuse them, you might not enjoy the intended effects. Luckily, the chances of harming your body with an electric massager are low, but it is always a great idea to inform yourself on how you should use one.

So, the next time you want to use your massage gun to give yourself a relaxing massage, you should follow these steps:

  • Select The Right Attachment For Your Device. Like the many models we sell here at Massage Gun NZ, most high-quality massagers come with a nice assortment of device attachments. Each specific attachment has a particular purpose, so you should select the best part for your desired body parts. Once you have chosen the best extension for your massage, attach it to your massager. 
  • Power On Your Device. Once your attachment is good to go, now you need to power your device. Most massagers are conveniently wireless, so you will not need to worry about getting tangled up in pesky cords. You just need to ensure that your device has enough battery life for your massage.
  • Apply The Massager To The Muscles You Want To Treat. Now it's time for the massage itself. After you turn the device on, you can proceed to glide the massager over the muscle areas that you want to treat. You should keep in mind that you should not immediately apply heavy pressure, as this could be too much for your body. Instead, it would be best to start with gentle motions and slowly increase your pressure over time. Again, it's essential to be gentle with your body and allow your muscles to get used to the vibrations from the massage gun.
  • Focus On Specific Areas, Like Knots And Sore Muscles. If you want to treat particular areas of your body, like areas where you're experiencing aches or muscles that you have recently worked out, you should focus on those particular areas during your massage. Remember to be gentle but firm and allow the device to do its job.
  • Power Off And Clean Your Device. When you are all done, it's time to  power off and clean your massager. For a thorough job, you should take    the attachment off of the device and clean it with disinfectant.

Where Can I Get An Effective Electric Massager For Myself?

For some of the best massagers available in New Zealand, you should look no further than our fantastic store at Massage Gun NZ. We carry plenty of different kinds of models and looks, so you are sure to find a device that is absolutely perfect for you. Our massagers are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy delightful massages at home.

If you have any further thoughts about our products or massagers in general, please visit our contact page to get in touch with us. 

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