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Different Forms of Massage Guns to Relieve Stress

Posted by Layne Sparks on

Different Forms of Massage Guns to Relieve Stress

When you're dealing with the stress of life, having a handy massage gun is a fantastic way to relieve tension and stress and forget your troubles. A standard massager can reduce muscle tension in most of your muscle groups. But did you know that there're quite a few different kinds of massage attachments that you can use to treat specific parts of your body?

Indeed, there are many kinds of massagers that can work wonders for particular pains and stress points. So instead of simply sticking with the default massager type, why not try out different attachments to find your favourite? When you discover how to correctly use every kind of attachment you have, you can unlock a whole new level of comfort and bliss.

Different Kinds Of Massager Attachments And What Each Is For

If you have ever searched for a good massage gun before, you have probably noticed that most high-end massagers come with various attachments. These attachments aren't just for show, either - each one is specially designed to work on specific kinds of muscles.

On top of having specific uses, each attachment also has a different feel, and you may prefer one feel over the others. So, if you get an incredible massager with extra attachments, you can determine which kind of attachment makes you the happiest and reduces your tensions the most. 

For example, if you want options, our fantastic Booster E Percussive Massage Gun comes with six unique attachments for you to use. This excellent device is perfect for anyone who truly wants to give themselves a blissful massage without the need of a masseuse. 

Each massager head has a specific purpose. A few that you may want to try out yourself are:

Ball Head. This attachment is the most common, and for a good reason; the ball attachment is perfect for general areas and can be used on every muscle group. It's ideal for sensitive areas and any place where you want to relieve tension. If you would like to enjoy using a massage device, but you don't want to mess around with swapping out parts, the standard ball attachment is the way to go. 

Padded Round Head. This part is a bit more cushioned than most other options, making it the perfect piece to use if you want to target sensitive or bony areas with your massage gun. The cushioning on this attachment means that it will be more gentle with your muscles, so it will be ideal if you want to treat yourself, but you're worried about applying too much percussive pressure. If you want to enjoy a lovely massage but you only want to apply gentle, comforting pressure, you may want to use the padded round attachment. 

Flat Head. This attachment is excellent for general areas like the ball head, but its flattened shape helps you distribute the pressure caused by the massager more easily. This well-distributed pressure allows your device to help your body eliminate fluids or wastes that have built up in your muscles. Because this attachment tends to be better for gentler massages where the pressure is more even, it's great for medium to large muscles.


Bullet Head. The ball, padded and flat heads are all excellent for general massages, but what about when you want to focus your device's pressure onto specific points in your muscles? In this situation, many people reach for the bullet head attachment. This head's focused design makes it absolutely perfect for targeting particular spots and is a favourite among people who enjoy deep tissue massages.

Fork Head. This attachment is very popular and is often an additional part of high-quality massage devices. Like the bullet head, its design helps you pinpoint force - and the forked part of its design lets you do it in two places at once. This forked design is terrific for deep tissue massages, as it can really get into your muscles and aid in recovery. So if the goal of your treatment is to use your massager to boost your muscles' recovery, this is the attachment for you.

How You Can Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Electronic Massagers

Look no further than our store at Massage Gun for some of the most high-end electric massagers in New Zealand. Our incredible devices come with a lovely arrangement of massage heads for you to try and love. We are proud to offer New Zealanders an excellent selection of fine massagers, so you can easily find your new favourite massager today.

Once you've gotten your fantastic new massager and have tested out your new attachments, you'll be ready to treat your body and improve your general health. Electric massagers have many incredible health benefits, and properly utilising each kind of massage head is the best way to enjoy them. 

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