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How Often Should You Use A Massage Gun In A Year?

Posted by Layne Sparks on

What Is A Massage Gun?

These massagers are hand-held portable tools that almost look like drills, but instead of being used for construction, they are used to provide your muscles with a relaxing massage. The massager on the appliance vibrates and oscillates to bring relief to tense, aching muscles. 

These appliances provide ‘vibration’ or ‘percussion’ therapy to your body. This form of treatment is designed to aid with soft tissue pain. If you have ever received a regular massage, then you know how relaxing it can be. With a massage tool, you can experience that feeling whenever you like!

Additionally, these tools can come in different forms for different types of muscles. For example, massagers that work well on your leg muscles are available. Although, most massage tools are suitable for most parts of your body.

How Often Should You Use A Massage Gun In A Year

How Often Can I Use A Massage Gun?

These vibration massagers should be used whenever you need to relieve pain in your muscles, whether that be from a brutal workout or to loosen your muscles and improve your performance. These appliances should be used in short sessions, spending around two minutes on each area you want to massage. 

Overall, it is recommended to use your massage gun for two to three sessions a day, depending on why and how you use it. These massagers can bring great relief and satisfaction to your body if you are using them correctly.

As with any product, it is not recommended to overuse your massager. If you have any concerns about your situation, or if you are experiencing additional aches and pains, you should consult your doctor about your massager usage. 

What Are The Benefits that Massage Guns Provide?

Massage Gun Benefits

These useful percussion therapy tools provide heaps of benefits to your body. Along with the relaxed sensation you achieve after using one, massagers can help you with many things, from muscle tension to improving mobility. Some of these benefits include:

Relieve Muscle Tension: As you would expect, massagers can help you reduce tension in your muscles. In our everyday lives, it is natural that your muscles accumulate stress over time. So while you can go to a massage parlour to get rid of some of this tension, why not achieve the same results from the comfort of your own home? When you use a massage gun, you can do just that.

Improve Flexibility And Mobility: Regular massages can reduce stiffness in your muscles, which lead to increased flexibility and mobility. Daily massages can also aid in your joints’ range of motion, which leads to a better performance in athletic activities. 

Reduce Stress: Massages are designed to reduce stress in your body, whether it is physical or mental stress. When you receive regular massages, your mental health can start to improve as well as your physical health. When you feel physically better, your mental health is bound to follow suit, and overall you will feel more positive and healthier. 

Increases Blood Circulation: Percussion therapy through massage tools can increase your blood and lymph circulation. Through deep tissue massages, more oxygen-rich blood is sent to muscles that need it. When your circulation is excellent, your performance improves as well.

Increased blood flow enhances muscle recovery and muscle responsiveness. Massage also increases your lymph circulation, leading to less inflammation and quicker recovery when injured.

Break Up Scar Tissue: Vibration muscle massage can affect deep within your tissue. These vibrations can penetrate into your muscles and help break up scar tissue from surgery or injury.

Warm Up Your Muscles: When you use your massage gun on your muscles before a workout, you can relax them and prime them for the hard work that is yet to come. With increased blood flow, enhanced flexibility and mobility and less muscle tension, you are sure to perform better.

Speed Up Recovery: Percussive therapy can help reduce the amount of lactic acid in your muscles, which causes pain. With less lactic acid, your muscles will not feel as sore or tired as they did before.

How Can I Get My Own?

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