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The Beneficial Effects of a Full Body Massage With Massage Gun

Posted by Layne Sparks on

After a long day at the office or an intense workout, sometimes all we crave is a lovely, full-body massage. But, making an appointment with a licenced masseuse is tedious, and you want to relax right now. When this happens to you, an excellent massage gun can work wonders. 

With an electric massager on hand, you will not need to go through the trouble of heading out to massage parlours anymore - you can relieve your muscle tension from the comfort of your own home! 

But, what exactly are electronic massage devices, and are they actually beneficial to your body?

What Are Massage Guns?

These devices are handy electric massagers that use percussion therapy to treat your muscles. Percussive therapy is a form of physical therapy that utilises pleasant rhythmic pulses to relieve tension in your muscles.

This form of physical therapy has been shown to relieve stress, both physically and mentally. By giving yourself a full-body percussive massage at home, you can destress quickly and conveniently without having to head out to see a masseuse. 

Additionally, massage guns are easily held in your hands, cordless and chargeable for convenience. This means that these fantastic tools are easy to use and totally worth it. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Massager On Myself?

So, electric massagers are convenient and satisfying, but what benefits do they actually provide? 

A few significant advantages of using a handheld massage tool on your muscles are:

Stress Relief. As mentioned above, percussion therapy can help you relieve stress. Unfortunately, stress is something that we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and if you deal with too much of it, it can lead to issues. 

Constant high levels of stress can have adverse effects on our bodies, decreasing our quality of life. Stress can lead to headaches, higher blood pressure, trouble sleeping, chest pain and more unfortunate conditions.

The soothing rhythmic pulses of a massage gun can relax your body and help you forget your troubles for a little while, letting you relax and let go of some of your stress. 

Improved Circulation. One great benefit of giving yourself a full body massage with an electric massager is improved circulation. The percussive movements of the massager help your muscles release substances that can enhance your circulation and make your blood vessels stronger.

Circulation is essential to good health, as poor circulation can lead to swelling, joint pain, fatigue, muscle cramps, and varicose veins, among other conditions. 

So, regular full-body massages can help you avoid these painful conditions and live a healthier life. 

Better Muscle Recovery. After an intense workout, it’s common to really feel the burn and notice the effects your hard work had on your body. While this is a natural experience that you should expect, that doesn’t mean it’s something that you look forward to. 

While you cannot eliminate this soreness immediately, you can reduce it and help yourself feel better. By using an electric massager to relieve tension and improve circulation, you can enhance your muscle’s recovery speed and feel better faster. 

To do this, you should focus your massager on the muscles you worked out or those that are particularly tired. For example, if you had an energetic arm workout and your biceps are sore and tired, you should use your massager on those arms and work them over. 

Furthermore, you can also use your handheld massager before and after workouts to reduce future muscle fatigue. It would be best if you focused on each muscle group for around one to two minutes per massage session. 

Enhance Your Range Of Motion. Massagers are helpful for working on and relaxing your muscles, tendons, connective tissues and ligaments. Because all of these are utilised in your body’s mobility, your mobility can improve over time. 

Better mobility and more robust muscles can also make you less prone to muscle spasms and sprains. This can overall improve your performance in athletic activities and sports. 

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Where Can I Get An Electric Massager To Enjoy These Benefits Myself?

Electric massagers help thousands of New Zealanders treat their muscles and relieve stress at home; if you want to become one of them, then all you need to do is check out our incredible selection at Massage Gun NZ!

We provide clients with convenient and effective products that can help them reap all the above benefits. Our relaxing devices come in various designs, colours and sizes, and we are confident that you will find one you love in our collection.

If you would like to speak to our team about your massage device preferences, please visit our contact page for more information.

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